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14 Juil 2017

Temps Plein Embedded platform speech research engineer


Description de L'emploi

Ville: Merelbeke VOV BE
At Nuance, we empower people with the ability to seamlessly interact with their connected devices and the digital world around them. We are creating a world where technology thinks and acts the way people do by designing the most human, natural, and intuitive ways of interacting with technology.
Our nimble technology uses analytics and advanced algorithms to transform the inanimate into animate and reduce complicated processes into simple ones.

Join our Mobile team…intelligent systems now ready for the road. We are passionate about developing intelligent interfaces that enable people to talk to their cars, phones, devices, and other smart “things”.

Job Summary:
Summary: Algorithmic optimisations to leverage embedded co-processors such as GPU or others.


• Design neural network topologies for optimal decoding on GPU or other dedicated hardware

• Work closely with colleague software developer experts to port technology to specialized hardware

• Advance the state of the art of automotive embedded ASR and NLU by maximally leveraging the capabilities of hardware platforms for dedicated markets

• Set up and execute validation experiments to demonstrate achieved gains in a statistically significant manner

• Productization of software, turning research code into stable production software, optimized for embedded platforms

• Solve problems for project teams working on customer projects or prototypes deploying such optimized systems


Number of Years of Work Experience: 4+

Required Skills:

• Expert in statistical modeling techniques, state-of-the-art deep learning applications

• Knowledge of speech processing, speech recognition and natural language understanding

• Strong programming skills in Python and C/C++

• Proven track record of writing software for embedded platforms in automotive and/or mobile devices and IoT devices

• Good user knowledge of Linux and Windows systems

• Ability to carry out focused and goal-oriented research and development, ability to assume responsibility for one’s work

• Ability to work in an international, cross-site team of experts. Being a team player

• Ability to creatively develop innovative ideas while leveraging existing technology with an eye for efficiency and marketability.

• Excellent oral and written communications skills in English.

Preferred Skills:

• Good knowledge of speech recognition systems and/or natural language processing

• Experience with software development for dedicated hardware such as GPU, Nvidia embedded platforms, mobile device co-processors (Intel or ARM)

• Operational knowledge of languages other than English


• Master degree in physics, engineering or software engineering

• PhD or equivalent industrial exerience in a relevant field is a plus

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villes : Merelbeke. Les catégories d'emploi : Engineering - Technique. Types d'emplois : Temps Plein.

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