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27 Juin 2017

Intérim PhD student Sustainability

Hasselt België

Description de L'emploi

Hasselt University
Ville: Hasselt België VLI BE
Applicability of non-conventional building materials and construction techniques for contemporary sustainable architecture

Due to the high amount of embodied energy in construction materials, the depletion of natural resources, the enormous waste generation and the ever-increasing complexity of building as such, there is a growing interest in less conventional building materials and construction methods, such as rammed earth, compressed earth blocks and lime-hemp. Conventional building materials often have an excellent technical performance, e.g. a high strength and water resistance. However, in many situations and applications, these superior properties are not required and non-conventional materials can represent a valuable alternative with a lower environmental impact and benefits for comfort and human health. In this PhD research, the applicability of these construction materials and techniques is studied, taking into account sustainability demands and the architectural preferences of Flemish architects. Constructive concepts, building elements and construction joints are analyzed, verified, adjusted and further developed, based on context-dependent requirements and minimizing the ecological impact. Executional aspects and in situ performance are analyzed and optimized. The aim of the research is to develop guiding principles that will increase the uptake of non-conventional building materials with a lower environmental impact in the Flemish context.

Additional Information

You will be appointed and paid as PhD student .

Position of 2 x 2 years with biennial evaluation.

Selection process
Preselection based on CV. Interview with the selected candidates.

Start PhD on 01.10.2017. Interviews take place in the week of 21 or 28 August 2017.

Additional comments
You can only apply online up to and including 11 August 2017.

Web site for additional job details



Offer Requirements


    Architecture: Master Degree or equivalent

    Engineering: Master Degree or equivalent


    ENGLISH: Good

    DUTCH: Good


  • Master of architecture, Master of engineering: architecture or master of building engineering (or equivalent)
  • You can work independently, interdisciplinary and in team, and you possess the social skills to work together with professionals and individuals in the context of the research project.
  • You possess the necessary research skills.
  • You are able to report clearly, in oral and written language, in Dutch and English.
  • You are prepared to take up teaching tasks to a limited extent.
  • You have experience with sustainable building, building materials and – techniques and constructive detailing and/or you are enthousiastic to immerse yourself in these domains.

villes : Hasselt België. Les catégories d'emploi : IT - Télécommunication. Types d'emplois : Intérim.

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