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16 Juil 2017

Temps Plein Scientific assistant


Description de L'emploi

Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM)
Ville: Antwerpen VAN BE
Department Biomedical Sciences – Unit of Mycobacteriology

The Unit of Mycobacteriology is dedicated to the control of tuberculosis (TB), Buruli ulcer (BU) and other mycobacterial diseases, and is a supranational reference laboratory for these illnesses. Besides fundamental research, we provide services nationally and internationally to clinical laboratories, control programs, NGO projects, and for clinical trial support. These services include isolation and identification of mycobacteria and determination of resistance to TB drugs. In the context of clinical trial support we also supervise site laboratories in other countries. The scientific fellow will provide laboratory support for projects from MSF (Doctors Without Borders) and related partners.


  • You support the scientific activities of the MSF/ITM project at the Unit of Mycobacteriology.
  • You support the Unit in the development of the database for reporting of results of mycobacterial analyses.
  • You contribute to the follow-up of the routine laboratory activities in the field.
  • You contribute to the development and regular update of internal MSF documents.
  • You contribute to the implementation and follow-up of clinical trial requirements in the study sites.
  • You assess site laboratories, contribute to the monitoring of their study progress, as required by the stage of the study and particulars of the sites.
  • You will actively contribute to the training of visitors from MSF and study sites at the Unit.
  • You proactively propose feasible improvements for operations related to the MSF/ITM project at the Unit of Mycobacteriology .
  • You work with the support of the ITM scientific fellow who coordinates the MSF-ITM project. The scientific fellow will introduce you to the network of internal and external contacts.

villes : Antwerpen. Les catégories d'emploi : Stage. Types d'emplois : Temps Plein.

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